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It is worth to purchase a mailing list?

Numerous studies have shown over the years that mail promotional campaigns can be very successful. After all, if an advertiser’s goal is to reach a consumer there’s probably no better way to get a message to that point than to have it go all way to the intended recipient. Many would argue that other mediums such as television or radio delivers the most accurate audience, but how many change channels or grab a sandwich when a commercial comes on? The truth is that direct mail, which includes email, reaches consumers best, right where they are. The obvious result of a campaign which is based on a quality list is successfully reaching a qualified recipient wherever they might be.

Best Email List Provider


The success or failure of a mail campaign depends largely on the quality of the mailing list. Without a quality mailing list, promoters who use direct mail promotional campaigns will be left wondering if a consumer actually received the sales message. Without the qualified addresses that can be provided by an up to date list, even using a mail campaign is an enormous, and expensive, risk.

In the case of an email campaign this is also true. For example, everyone knows that people change email addresses or change ISPs, sometimes they even do it frequently. What you are left with in either case, is an address that won’t deliver a sales message to the intended recipient. Quality email lists can be obtained from businesses such as, which uses its own proprietary software tools to comb the Internet for only the very best and up to date email addresses that can deliver what the direct email marketer wants most, real consumers.

Without up to date and reliable addresses, email or otherwise, a credible recipient cannot be assured. Good addresses, on the other hand, will pay off where they are expected most, bona fide and qualified recipients who make purchases of the products and services that are pitched to them.

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