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Visit to learn about fantastic new email extractor software. It is about 50 times faster than any other comparable extractor software. The system uses the keywords you choose and thoroughly searches Google, Yahoo, Bing and other top search engines to find the types of businesses or websites that interest you the most. It digs for email addresses only from the relevant sites. This modern technology is much faster than a human, and it collects thousands of bits of data resulting in an immediate increase in sales. The marketing technique allows you to contact more people and increase your chance of reaching potential customers.

Email Extractor is easy to use. Start with establishing your search parameters by inserting keywords, domains or other criteria. No other input is required because the program does the rest. It uses the keywords to do the Email Extractor searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as others. You have more free time to handle the operations of your business and plan e-marketing campaigns. The keyword search function of the program pulls out email addresses that can be used with advertisements that target specific demographics. Some addresses do not respond well, so you can switch the term and compile a new list fast. If your campaign is large it is not a problem because the Email Extractor comes with an unlimited installation licenses. Another good feature is you can install the software on more than one computer. They can work jointly on different lists of keywords. The software is completely automated and continues to pull out addresses as long as there are websites to search.

Best Email Extractor was created to extract over a thousand email addresses fast. It is very accurate and reliable. You can get more information and a free trial on the website.

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