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Lite 1.4 Extractor is a freeware email extractor software found on the Internet; this software is capable of searching databases, including websites for user email addresses to log and archive. This software is useful in gathering many email addresses from either an online database, or local network so that the email addresses may be saved for reference. Many times, email extractor programs are useful in allowing a user to gather multiple email addresses so Spam emails may be sent. However, an email extractor such as Lite 1.4 allows a user to document emails so work-related materials or other information may be sent.

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Another useful feature of an email extractor for a user or network administrator is the ability to view which emails have been sent to employees, pending emails, saved emails as well as which emails have been received by various employees. An email extractor basically eliminates the manual work of scouring through a database to acquire and save email addresses by oneself. Alongside the automatic function of logging emails, the specific Lite 1.4 Extractor software is able to save email files as either a text or Excel spreadsheet file.

The user or network administrator may utilize the Lite 1.4 Extractor by navigating to the website at where they will find the software. Once on the page, the user may copy the text source containing email address information into the text box. Afterwards, the type of separator may be selected; users’ may select from a comma, pipe, colon, new line or other type of separator to space the email addresses legibly. Aside from separation options, a group name for the emails may be typed into the “Group” text box, and lastly the user may also click the “Sort Alphabetically” check box to arrange the email addresses in alphabetized order. Once the settings have been set, the user or network administrator may click on the “Extract” button to retrieve and save the email addresses from the specific database.

Lite 1.4 is popular in the following countries

  1. Nigeria
  2. France
  3. USA
  4. Canada
  5. India
  6. Indonesia
  7. Senegal
  8. Togo
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