Lite 1.6 Extractor

When comparing Lite 1.6 Extractor and BEX, it might not seem like the choice is obvious. However, when you compare these two programs as well as other extractors out there, the choice is more obvious.

Reasons you should choose the BEX software:

  • Faster performance-It can extract 1,000 e-mails per minute straight from the web. This can be accomplished in just a minute.
  • Specific sorting-For instance, e-mails can be sorted by keyword or country. Creation of targeted e-mail list then becomes much easier.
  • Major search engine extraction compatibility.-BEX works well with Yahoo, Bing, Google, and Ask for increased ability to find relevant recipients of special marketing offers.
  • Speedier campaign execution-Less searching for prospects leads to greater efficiency of e-mail campaigns. Less time is spent building the address lists used to send e-mails.
  • Multiple file format support-It helps easily extract right from text or document files. This can be incorporated easily into using saved web pages for pulling out addresses for sending information.
  • Fewer “bugs”-One of the most annoying aspects of using most extractors is the bugs. This one freezes far less and provides much more accurate results.
  • Elimination of duplicates-BEX users can build lists faster without worry about an address being included twice. This makes sending campaigns much more effective as well as far less annoying to receivers.

Additional Info

BEX provides far more advanced functions, and it has more options on its interface than the Lite 1.6 Extractor. It also handles far more addresses and sorts groups and creates lists much faster than most other programs out there. Mass marketing efforts are improved greatly when using this advanced extraction software.

Of course, everyone who tries out BEX should beware of spam rules. This program is not intended for use with any illegal marketing activity. Recommended use would be for recipients who already have opted in to receive messages, newsletters, and special offers.

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